How it works

1. We will place the order with your chosen merchant for delivery to your shipping addresses.
2. Just click on the link on this page, after you have logged-in, and complete the Order Request Form.
3. We’ll process the order within 1-2 working days and keep you informed of progress.
4. We will take payment for the goods, plus any sales taxes and shipping charges, from your credit card and then place the order with the merchant.
5. When the goods are delivered at your shipping addresses you will be notified by email, as usual.
6. Please note that the Acetone Solutions concierge service is only able to purchase goods on your behalf if allowed to do so by the retailer. In some circumstances this may not be possible.

Reviewing your orders
1. You cannot edit an order, once it has been placed
2. Each is assigned an order reference number along with their status
3. Each status describes the progress of your order as follows:
1. Order received
2. Processing order
3. Ordered from Merchant
4. Shipped from Merchant

Shop at any American or european website, and Acetone Solutions will ship your order to you internationally. Save on shipping and handling – order from as many stores as you would like at one time!
Please enter a detailed description for your desired items below. We recommend that you “cut and paste” directly from the store’s website for maximum speed and accuracy. Your total cost, including International Shipping and Handling, will be calculated after you select your payment method and shipping country. Questions? Please contact

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Other Notes

Terms and conditions

Acetone Solutions Concierge service provides a service and is a separate entity from the store. As such, we cannot accept cancellations or changes to your order once your order has been placed and we have charged your credit card.

Visa, Master Card, and JCB payments will be processed in your local currency. If your local currency is not supported, then payment will be processed in US Dollars. All other payment methods will be processed in US Dollars only.

For your convenience, International Checkout provides the option to pre-pay Duties and Taxes.*

If you choose to pre-pay Duties and Taxes, you may avoid customs delays and we guarantee that you will not be asked to pay anything when your order arrives.

If you do not choose to pre-pay Duties and Taxes, you will be responsible for Duties, Taxes, and any related charges when your order arrives in your country.

*Duties and Taxes are calculated and charged by customs in your country
For clients who chooses not to use their credit card for purchasing can send us an email and we will provide you our bank details for wire transfer.

Beneficiary bank: UOB, SIngapore
Beneficiary: Ace-tone Solutions
Account number (USD): 341-900-211-7, SGD:120-313-447-4
Swift code: UOBVBSGSG
Tel: 65-93634011

We wil get your items to your doorstep as quickly as possible.

STANDARD SHIPPING arrives to your address in approximately 8-20 business days.

PRIORITY SHIPPING arrives to your address in approximately 4-10 business days.

TRANSIT TIMES are estimated and are not guaranteed. We are not responsible for delays by customs or by the store

• Instructions:
To Request your return or exchange, please send your problem information to

• Terms and Conditions:
Returns/Exchanges will not be accepted unless your request is received within 7 business days of receipt of your order..

Do not contact the store directly. They cannot process your return.

All orders are subject to the return policy of the online store where your items were purchased. Many stores have restricted time limits for returns, or may not accept returns or exchanges at all.

Therefore, your order may not be eligible for return or exchange. In addition, any delays by the shipping carrier, customs, or any other cause may affect your order’s eligibility for return. Due to the time sensitive nature of returns/exchanges, we recommend that you contact International Checkout immediately with your request for a Return Authorization. This policy applies to Returns, Exchanges, and Defective Merchandise.

All returns must be sent insured via registered mail, or any other delivery service that can track a package and requires a signature upon delivery. Due to the time sensitive nature of the store’s return policies, expedited/express shipping may be required.

If you request a refund, you will be refunded for the merchandise purchase price, minus shipping cost of the merchandise back to the store we purchased it from on your behalf, and any return or restocking fees that are charged by the store which you purchased from. Our assistance in this matter is FREE! Your refund will not be issued until the Return is accepted and refunded by the store.

If you request an exchange, you will pay for all shipping fees including domestic shipping to and from the store. Our assistance in this matter is FREE! We will bill you via your original payment method for any additional charges incurred.

In the event that the merchandise is defective, you may return it for an exchange or refund. Our assistance in this matter is free but you are responsible for all associated shipping fees.