Robotic Products

Acetone is always looking for new innovative products to add in on its website. Our latest entry in technology is mobile platforms and rotary wing frames.

We have also included several robotic components that are used in the educational arena.


is the leader in UAV autopilots for unmanned, autonomous, micro UAV, mini UAV and micro UAS systems. They create Highly Integrated UAV Software & Hardware Solutions for Unmanned Systems .
Expanding into the larger inertial sensor and payload markets, CCT introduced the Crista IMU and Crista Sensor Head (2004) and most recently the TASE stabilized camera gimbal (2006). CCT continues to develop innovative solutions for the UAV market with new options for autopilots, gimbals, and inertial sensors in work.

CCT efforts focus on supporting developers of small unmanned aerial vehicles by providing powerful integrated solutions that dramatically reduce the time required to implement an unmanned aircraft system.

Lithium Polymer Batteries

Today’s battery research focuses heavily on lithium systems, so much so that one could assume that all future applications will be lithium based. Just a few years ago, the argument was NiCd against NiMH; then the speakers argued on the benefit of Li-ion over NiMH and today the emphasis is on Li-ion Polymer. We do customization of batteries specific to your needs. Voltage, current, dimension specs can always be done to cater to your needs. We have close to 200 different spec batteries to choose from.