Design and PCB Fabrication

With the ever increasing competition in many market segments, companies must constantly drive down product development cost while at the same time adding more complexity and features. In addition, companies must also react to fast changing market requirements and heightened time-to-market pressure.

We have begin providing PCB fabrication services to our clients with term contracts going to several Insitutions in Singapore. Please let us know if you have any PCB fabrication and assembly needs.

At Acetone Solutions, we can help you face these problems by providing our project driven engineering and consulting services. Our core team of highly skilled engineers specializes in designing FPGA and DSP for complex data and signal processing applications to serve the needs of our communications, defense and industrial automation industries.

Even with the ready availability of wide ranging technological solutions offered by multiple vendors, companies are still struggling to select the right mix of solutions for their product design. With this in mind, we at Acetone are geared towards closely assisting our customers in the initial drafting of project proposals by extensively studying key project information such as requirements, specifications, system and architecture design, component selections, test plan, costing and schedule. Only when the proposals are accepted will the project pricing be negotiated before advancing to the actual design and development stage. On a case by case basis, we can even develop and demonstrate proof-of-concept prototypes for our customers using our proprietary hardware and software solutions before confirmation of their order.

To find out what Acetone Solutions can offer you, please review the following lists of services, expertise and capabilities.

Acetone Solutions services include, but not limited to: System level study and design of data or signal compute intensive embedded systems

FPGA, CPLD, DSP and Microcontroller implementation
VHDL and Verilog hardware description language coding.
Digital, Analog and Mixed signal circuit design
PCB Design and, Layout and Fabrication of prototypes and samples
VHDL and Verilog trainings
Acetone Solutions services ‘know how” and expertise include but not limited to:
High Speed Digital Design (> 100Mhz)
FPGA (million gate) and CPLD design : Xilinx, Altera
Bus standard and protocol : PCI, I2C, SPI, USB, Ethernet
Memory standard: SDR, DDR, DDR2, ZBT
Digital Signal Processing: Communications, Radar, Video, Image
Digital Modem Design : QAM, PSK, FSK, FM, AM
Microcontroller : ARM, 8051, Microchip, Rabbit Semiconductor, Silicon Labs, Texas Instrument, Zilog
Wireless Transceiver: ChipCon, Texas Instrument, EZURIO
Embedded Processor: Altera Nios, Xilinx MicroBlaze

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