FPGA / DSP/ Wireless Technology

Enocean Tech

Enocean Tech
Enocean’s unique combination of miniaturized energy harvesting modules with ultra low power radio technology is the basis for innovative maintenance free wireless sensors. This technology adds unparalleled flexibility at lowest investment and operational cost.
Areas include
– Building Automation
– Home Automation
– Industrial Automation


are evaluation boards to support the development of applications based on our radio modules.

A-EVA supports a quick evaluation of all receiver operation modes. In addition it provides easy setting-up operation of the receiver side when the transmitter modules are evaluated.

The RF modules can transmit data on originating from temperature, occupancy, light levels, gas, pressure, humidity, current, water, vibration and other sensors.

EVA 120 / EVA 120C Evaluation kit for STM 110

The EVA 120 is the evaluation kit for the solar powered sensor module STM 110. It contains an evaluation board, a USB adapter and an STM 110 module. The EVA 120 C is the US version for 315 MHz and contains an STM 110 C module.

Supply of STM 110 via solar cell, battery or external power supply
External control of charge / discharge cycles
Optical interface for WAKE inputs
Push-button connected to WAKE inputs
Push-button to initiate learn telegram
RS 232 interface and USB adapter for configuration of the module
Jumpers for setting wake and transmit cycles
Potentiometers to set analog values, jumpers for digital inputs
Buffered measurement of V_SC1 and V_SC2
Transmission indicator LED
Temperature range -25°C / + 65°C

Thermal Energy Harvester A-ECT 100 Evaluation Kit

This thermal energy harvester which is able to power wireless sensor nodes from temperature differentials of only a few Kelvin.

This new energy harvester is based on a revolu-tionary DC/DC converter which automatically starts operation at 20mV. For comparison: the leading conventional DC/DC converters need at least 300mV to start operation – a factor of 15 more!
The output power is in the range from μW to mW at 3.5V and depends on the actual temperature differential and the Peltier element being used. Therefore it is designed for use with EnOcean radio technology in sensors and actuators. A typi-cal thermo-driven sensor consists of a sensor element, a small Peltier element, the new DC/DC converter and an STM110 radio module. Powered by the thermo differential the STM110 will wake up on a regular basis, e.g. every 10s, acquire sensor values and transmit them via a radio signal over a distance of up to 300m.

PTM 230 Radio transmitter module

The radio transmitter module PTM-A 230 enables the implementation of batteryless radio switches for applications in e.g. building technology or industrial auto-mation. Power is provided by an external electrodynamic power generator such as ECO 100 or a short energy pulse. Functional Principle When a short energy pulse is supplied to the PTM-A 230 module an RF telegram is transmitted including a 32-bit module ID and the polarity of the supply voltage. In addition the information of 2 inputs is transmitted. With these 2 inputs one rocker of a PTM 200 can be simulated.

Energy harvester ECO 100

The energy module ECO 100 is an energy converter for linear motion. It can be used to power the PTM 230 radio module or derivates.
The energy output at every actuation of the spring is sufficient to transmit 3 sub-telegrams with a PTM 230 module.Possible applications are miniaturized switches and sensors in building technology and industrial automation.