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Spykee robot

 Spykee The Spy Robotsets beyond the limits of kids’ imagination. This latest build-your-own Erector set from Nikko America does everything from play digital music to guard a home or business.

Spy from Anywhere
Recommended for ages eight and up, Spykee is far more than your ordinary toy robot. Perfect for audio-visual surveillance, Spykee has the ability to move, watch, speak, and hear. With a built-in video camera and microphone, the robot takes real-time pictures with video and with sound effects. When motion is detected, Spykee activates an alarm or sends a picture by email. Compatible with Skype 3.0 (PC) technology, Spykee can also be used as a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone and web camera. Best of all, this motorized robot is equipped with a WiFi card, which means kids can access and control Spykee via the Internet from anywhere in the world.
3-in-1 Robot Fun
But there’s more fun than just spying! Combining a classic robot design with the latest technology, kids can use Spykee to construct three different robot models from this same set. Downloading their favorite songs to Spykee, this spy robot even acts as a digital music player with its own loudspeakers. Compatible with most Erector sets, it features lights and optical fibers, and an IR auto-parking recharging system automatically sends Spykee back to the power station for a recharge.

Product Description
Spykee, the spy robot, is a crafty ‘bot that you control via the WiFi connection in your computer. This means you can give Spykee commands from virtually anywhere in the world! Plus, he does just about everything except feed the dog.

Spykee moves, watches, hears, speaks, takes pictures, records video and sound, and can act as a surveillance camera. What’s more – when he begins to lose steam, he automatically heads back to his charging station (included) for more “energy.” Compatible with classic metal Erector sets, sold separately. Requires one 9.6V battery (included). Measures 12″ x 12″ x 12″.

Spy Robot

As you control him through your computer, Spykee can move, watch, hear, speak, take pictures, and record video and sound. Send him off on your most intriguing missions while you watch from the safety of your home computer.

VOIP Phone

Need to make a call’ No problem. Spykee acts as a VOIP phone and webcam, and is compatible with Spykee 3.0 (PC) technology.

Video Surveillance

Spykee keeps an eye out for you. When he detects a movement, an alarm is activated on your computer, or he’ll send you a picture via e-mail.

Digital Music Player

Jam to the beat of your own tunes with Spykee. He’s happy to play your favorite songs.

Other Play Functions

From taking snapshots, sound and video recordings to providing video filters, there’s not much Spykee doesn’t do.


PC requirements: Windows 2000/XP with .NET framework 2.0. MAC requirements: MAC OS X

Our New Edition Lego Robots

LEGO® MINDSTORMS® help children and students grasp science, technology, engineering, and math concepts with hands-on, naturally motivating building sets, programming software, and curriculum relevant activity materials. Students explore problems and invent their own solutions. They behave as young scientists and technical investigators, making their own discoveries all the way

LEGO’s newest robot-building kit, with greatly improved functionality
32-bit command center with large LCD, USB 2.0 and Bluetooth interfaces that allow robots to walk, talk and interact with their environment
Technic blocks (“studless legos”) create a more human, less boxy look
Intuitive GUI and drag-and-drop icons are PC- and Mac-friendly
Redesigned touch and light sensors, new sound sensor and ultrasonic sensor
Now with three motors – redesigned for smoother, more reliable operation
6-wire digital cables for more precise connections
5 main themes (8 different models) – Vehicle: Roverbot, Animal, Scorpio; Machine: Robotic Arm; Human: Humanoid; Gadgets: Clock, Music, Game and Movers
Models are all built within the LEGO Technic System

571 pieces
Quickstart Guide helps you build a robot ready for action within 30 minutes
Model-specific building instructions, tips and tricks, testing methods and programming options
Easy-to-use software
Test panel

Bioloid – Robotic Construction Kit

The Bioloid Kit from Robotis is the first robotic kit based around “smart serially controlled servos” that allows the user to build multiple types of robots. As well as great hardware the GUI based software is freeware, i.e. educational institutions can install the software on multiple PC’s. This kit is exceptional value and is ideally suited for hobbyists, schools & universities

The contents of the Bioloid kit is shown on the right, the main items included in this package are:
a CM-5 mcu (Atmel ATMega128),
18 AX-12+ Serially controlled servo’s,
1 AX-S1 Sensor module,
Rechargeable battery pack (9.6V),
2 Programming Utilities (freeware),
a Switch mode Power Supply,
Serial Cable (9pin D-type),
an assortment of frames (over 100),
wheels & tyres, and
spacers, bushings, nuts & bolts.

-Fully assembled and controlled by 20 small servos, RPU-11 Processing Unit and RRC-T11 controller.
-RPU-11 Processing Unit with rotary switch to change modes such as Edit Mode (to make and edit motions with Motion Editor) Automatic Mode (to play motion inputted automatically) Operating Mode (to control robot with wireless controller) and much more.
-Tri-Axial Acceleration Sensor allows robot to distinguish posture to grow

Tomy I-SOBOT Robot

There’s no shortage of fun with the amazing i-SOBOT, the World’s Smallest Biped Tomy Robot. Packed with over 200 words and phrases, and more than 200 pre-programmed movements, this robot can do everything from saying goodbye to dancing the hula. Recommended for kids aged 10 and up, the i-SOBOT is ready to rock ‘n’ roll right out of the box. A very Simplae and basic robots for all robotic enthusiast.

WowWee Robosapien V2 Robot

From the designer of Robosapien and Roboraptor, Mark Tilden has now released a new generation robot! This new improved robot has all the original features of the Robosapien and a whole wad more! It stands 10″ taller than the original Robosapien, making it 2 foot tall! And it can even talk, not just to you, it can also command the Roboraptor and the Robopet


is a 21DOF robot bear, capable of both bipedal and quadrupedal movement.
ASHykim is based around Robotis’s RX-64 & RX-28 Dynamixel modules and a Compulab CM-iGLX 500MHz AMD Geode based mcu
Hykim is one of the world’s most advanced commercially available robots. Hykim was originally designed in response to RoboCup’s call for a Standard Robotic Platform, information on our proposals (July 2007) can be viewed here.
The design philosophy used to produce Hykim was that Hykim would be an Open Development Platform, all necessary documentation will be available to anyone purchasing Hykim.

Height: 600mm
Width (across shoulders): 260mm
Weight: 5.0kg
Degree’s of Freedom: 21
Actuator Type: RX-64 & RX28
Control modules:
HyInt (AMD Geode 500MHz mcu),
ATMega128 in head, &
ATMega128 in body.
Wireless Comms:
WiFI, 802.11g
Assortment of sensors
11.1V LiPo rechargable battery