FPGA / DSP/ Wireless Technology

Altera-Microtronix firefly

Firefly – Product Starter Kits

Your next product could get to market in weeks, not months, with the modular Firefly II product system available. Jump start your Firefly II development with our cost-effective, feature rich development kits.

Cyclone II EP2C20 – Firefly-II PSK Development Kit

The PSK comes with a Cyclone II Firefly module and a Firefly Base Carrier board that includes two Santa Cruz expansion headers. Developers can then select up to two modules (off-the-shelf or custom boards).
The Firefly II modules are pin for pin compatible with existing Firefly I modules used in the Altera Dev Kit, thereby allowing a simple and easy upgrade path for your new design projects.

Development Kit Features
Cyclone II EP2C15, EP2C20 or EP2C35 Firefly Module
Firefly PSK baseboard including:
Two Santa Cruz expansion headers
RS-232 serial port
Power circuitry and cable
Built in USB Blaster programming functionality

Hardware FPGA Design Kits

Lancelot VGA Controller IP Design Kit

Display resolutions: 640 x 480, 800 x 600, 1024 x 768
Displays up to 24-bit color ,900 LE’s
Video & audio development board
VGA IP Core reference design & demo
Compatible with Microtronix Multi-port SDRAM IP Core
24-bit RAMDAC,VGA connector,Stereo audio connector, Dual PS/2 connectors
Supported FPGA devices: Cyclone I, II, Stratix I , II
Core written in VHDL

Sendero Video Imaging IP Development Board

Video Imaging IP Development Board
Basic DDR and QDRII Memory Controller IP cores Avalon Bus Core Peripherals as supplied for the
USB Host/Device chip
DVI Receiver and Transmitter
Key Features
Supplied Applications and Reference Designs
DVI Transmitter/Receiver IP-core
DVI Receiver/Transmitter loop-back
Basic PCI-Express reference design
Cyclone II (basic) DDR SDRAM and QDRII IP cores Multi-port SDRAM OpenCores Plus license

ViClaroA II HD Video Enhancement Development Platform

Targeted Applications
The platform can aid the development of:
IP cores for matching ASSP Video Display Processor to a variety of LCD panels
Enhancements to display quality or incorporation of video features including:
Conversion of video format
Dynamic video image scaling
LCD panel re-timing
Image filtering
Color conversion/enhancement
Video/image processing

Developer Software

Nios II Linux Cross Development Kit

Supports Linux or Cygwin Dev. Environment
Provides C++ support for uClinux applications
Links µClibc by default
Builds applications for uClinux by default
Provides Nios II uClinux 2.6.11 kernel
Supports kernel profiling
Flash programming and kernel/app. debugging
Provides U-Boot loader

Firefly – Configurable Processor Modules

The Firefly® II Configurable Processor Module comes complete with a processor and memory. Just plug the Firefly II module into your project and you can quickly go from design to prototype to product stages

Cyclone EP1C12 Firefly I Module

Standard configuration includes:
12,000 logic element FPGA
C8 speed grade
8 MB Flash memory
16 MB SDRAM memory
EPCS4 serial programming device
UART ,24 MHz oscillator
0.1″ headers (430mm)
1.5V supplied through LDO

Cyclone EP2C20/35/50 Firefly II Module

Standard configuration includes:
Hardware DSP support
RoHS Compliant
Functionally compatible with Firefly I module
Up to 95 user I/O available
16 MB Flash memory
32 MB SDRAM memory
EPCS16 serial programming device
24 MHz oscillator
Speed grade is -8