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UAV Development Platform -AET312 + IMU

Description: This is a fully assembled UAV flight system

This board comes with the AET312 module, IMU 401/203, and ADXRS401 gyros already soldered as shown in the picture. This hardware is meant for development purposes only and does not compose a complete solution. The example firmware is for educational purposes only – it cannot and should not be used without additional review.


20-Channel SiRF III GPS Receiver
PIC 18F2520 Controller (with onboard 3.3V and 5V glue logic)
4MHz oscillator
3 Input, 2 PWM output points
6-Wire ICSP debug header
3 seperate colored status LEDs
2 General purpose switches
On board 3.3V and 5V regulators (150mA max)
10m Positional Accuracy / 5m with WAAS
GPS Outputs NMEA 0183 and SiRF binary protocol
Dimensions: 1.6 x 5.4 x 1.0 (max) inches

There are following items to accompany this product. Please let us know so we can provide advice on any further related products.

GPS Logger v2.4 Kit

Description: This is everything you need to get logging fast

GPS Logger v2.4 Board
EM406 GPS Receiver
512MB SD Card
4xAA Terminated Battery Holder

SiGe AGN3S Sampler

Description: The GN3S Sampler is a very interesting high-end research device. Co-developed by the GNSS Lab at the University of Colorado and SiGe, this USB device captures raw GPS data to a binary file on your computer. This device will not tell you a position solution outright like our other GPS modules. Instead, the GN3S Sampler is designed to directly capture the low-level signal data (raw intermediate frequency samples) being delivered by the GPS satellite network and process by the SiGe radio front end.

This device is recommended to be used in conjunction with the book : A Software-Defined GPS and Galileo Receiver. This excellent book will give you the mathematical fundamentals for software-based GPS as well as the source code on DVD. The included MATLAB source code can be used to crunch the collected data to solve for position. This low level processing gives the user a keen insight into the signal processing of a GPS receiver. The provided algorithms encourage user modification to attempt to improved and design next generation GPS receivers.

The windows based capture program has a limit of 600MB (or 38.4 seconds) of capture data. This means you can capture one full GPS record. At this time, larger files are not supported as logging gigabytes of data can push the limits of your memory and hard drive access speeds.

You will need an external MCX terminated active GPS antenna and miniUSB cable to operate the GN3S Sampler – both are listed below.


Fully enclosed RF Front-end
Calibrated by manufacturer
USB support under Windows (Linux coming soon)
miniUSB Connector
MCX Antenna Connector